Nobodys Video

“Surrenderdorothy – Heldaghost”

The crazy duo, Bones & Greaf, drop off their surrenderdorothy music video for “heldaghost”. The track was originally released 4 years ago on the surrenderdorothy

“Amir Obe – Bloodshot”

Amir Obe is back with a new one “Bloodshot” after releasing his small project ‘Can’t Be a ____ Here: Chapter 1’ last month. His music

“Shrimp – MIA”

Shrimp keeps his kill streak up by dropping this new one “MIA” produced by MineSweepa. If you don’t like Shrimp’s voice then I had no

“Vaughny Vo – Chirpin”

Vaughny Vo doesn’t make you wait too long for a new track. He returns with this new one “Chirpin”, where Mondocool produced a perfect one

“Spocean – Extra”

One of the best artist/producer duos in the underground, Spocean & davnDaum return with a new one “Extra”. I first started posting Spocean’s music because

“Roland – Elixir”

Roland returns with a new one “Elixir”. I got hella confused because he put prod. Minesweep in the song title and I just posted a

“Mac Miller – Slapboxin”

Rest in peace to the legend, Mac Miller. A huge inspiration for me growing up in high school. This track was leaked on YouTube September

“Cloudy Nueve – #1”

Cloudy Nueve back with another banger “#1”. His melodic style is easy to like and really comes down to lyrics and beat selection with him.