Nobodys Video

“Future – Superfly (project)”

The songs released before the actual soundtrack drop were the better ones. I’m normally not one for movie soundtracks but this one they did right.

“Lil West – Ceiling”

Lately, Nobodys has been getting a ton of submissions whether it be to the email or DMs on social media. I appreciate every single person

“Roland – Fantasia / Chernabog”

Roland’s a pretty interesting character that makes super crazy music. Just when you think all the styles have been beaten down, you hear the difference

“6o – Not Me”

With a recent name change from Bo to 6o, he’s back with another banger. I’m a big fan of his sound & how he flows

“INTERVIEW: Louis Luv”

We are back. Louis Luv interview. It’s been nice to see Louis’ growth over the course of starting Nobodys. He’s been building a solid fanbase

“Imnotfrxmhere – Rain”

Not discrediting Imnotfrxmhere in anyway, but this beat is ridiculous. Imnotfrxmhere does it justice by keeping it simple & gliding over the beat. He only