Nobodys Video

“Cl<3y - Dangerous”

I was fortunate enough to hear this before it came out and it’s slappin. Big dangerous. “At the pool party got my jeans wet” is

“Sickboyrari – Feel My Pain”

Black Kray back in action. He recently did an “Open Space” with Mass Appeal where he mentions skating, being a goth black kid, and more.

“Jaalid – Snakes”

One of the most highly anticipated artists Nobodys has been covering lately is definitely Jaalid. His style is so clean that he can draw you

“Sprite Lee – Bandits”

It feels like forever since we got a Sprite Lee track. He’s one of the inspirations that made me start Nobodys. Over the past 6-8

“EGOVERT – My World”

Bobby Johnson keeps his summer spree going with his new one from EGOVERT. “My World” is pretty basic and laid back. Definitely a cruising down