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“Nobodys Top 7 Playlist (June 2018)”

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Nobodys top 7 of June playlist. Every song I post on Nobodys I genuinely listen to. I obviously have my favorites based on my liking but I fuck with you all. This shit just my opinion so all love. (no particular order)

Coogieboyed x Diordaviss – Silverlake (prod. whoisphew) – Seven World collective. These guys are on the rise in my opinion. This one is definitely my favorite by them. Perfect chorus. The verses are nothing spectacular but with this type of music I don’t think you need to stand out. Pick out perfect beats and continue to do what you do.

MADEINYOKOHAMA – FUCKMEUPAGAIN – So this is apparently Madeintyo but not confirmed. This one is more of my style of music and what I’m on. Growing up with rock and alternative music, this is that perfect mixture. No matter who this is, I hope we continue to get more music. There’s only two songs out by Yokohama.

Kill Stacy – First (prod. Bobby Johnson) – One of the most hyphy songs I’ve heard in a minute. Kill Stacy definitely has a ton of potential to be a huge artist. S/o Bobby Johnson for producing yet another banger. His sound is spot on with these young guys.

6o – Better Without U (prod. Syndrome) – A new Nobodys favorite even though I’ve been following for a minute. 6o’s sound is on point and has a repetitive theme in all his music. This beat is more of a pop sounding vibe but 6o keeps it consistent through the whole track. No highs, no lows.  If you become a fan, he doesn’t disappoint.

Nicky the Jet – In My Way (prod. Meson) – One of my favorite Meson beats. I love Nicky the Jet tracks when he’s laid back like this. It sounds like a song that was created in the current mood and not anything Nicky wasn’t feeling at that time. He’s dropping shit all summer so be on the lookout.

Imnotfrxmhere – Rain (prod. Bleach) – This is a track I actively liked but never really listened to it that much until it came up on shuffle. A week later from it releasing, I’m listening to it multiple times a day. The beat is an all time great but Imnotfrxmhere keeps it simple and crushes the whole thing. A song you definitely can’t hate.

Code Green – Reasons (prod. Cxdy) – I hadn’t heard Code Green until this track and he fuckin snapped. Cxdy obviously handled the track with the beat but so often artists try to do too much and ruin it. Code keeps it simple and let it slap. Best part is towards the end so listen all the way through.

Appreciate the support. Thanks for the music.

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