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“Lil Peep – Life Is Beautiful”

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The family of Lil Peep decide to drop the 3rd single off ‘Come Over When You’re Sober Part 2’ with this new one “Life Is Beautiful”. I feel like I’ve definitely heard this song in the past. His mom noted that this song was made in 2015.

The album drops this Friday and I’ll be honest, I’m not as hype as I was before all these singles came out. None of these singles have really grabbed my attention and have been pretty bland. I also wish they would just drop the album without all this marketing and made up music videos. I feel like every song is a reflection of his death and thats just not how it should be. I hope the songs on the album are all the songs he wanted to be on the album. Its hard for me to think that Peep wanted to put a track from 2015 on the album. Part of me is thinking that moms emotions are getting in the way of letting Peep’s music be his music. I mean no disrespect in saying all this. Just my opinion.

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