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“INTERVIEW: Louis Luv”

We are back. Louis Luv interview. It’s been nice to see Louis’ growth over the course of starting Nobodys. He’s been building a solid fanbase pretty organically. I think if you ask people for their favorite song by him you’d get all different types of answers.

I like the consistency that he brings with every track. He doesn’t bounce around with his sound a lot. He still brings different music to the table but always delivers the same Louis. I think it’s a huge reason why he’s built the following that he has.

The feature with him & Sprite Lee. was a huge moment for Nobodys. These were the first guys we ever posted on here & a few months later we got a music video between the two of them. Louis randomly reached out to me & sent me the video before it dropped & I was shocked. Whenever artists reach out it’s always a good feeling. I don’t care if your music gets 50 views, I’m still stoked to just be in that position.

Basics. Where you from? How old are you?

  • I’m from northern virginia but I usually just say DC.

When did you get into music and when did you start taking it serious?

  • I got into music when I was a little kid at church used to sing and okay trumpet. played guitar too kinda how I started taking it maybe a little serious as a young teen. But maybe for real seriously last summer.

Who were some early influences on your music? Like who did you see doing it knowing that you were making similar music?

  • I mean my early influences weren’t even like SoundCloud artists, i rly fucked w The Weeknd and like post hardcore bands like dance gavin dance but deff peep and 070 shake.

You just dropped your ‘Luv Letter’ EP about a month ago, how do you feel the reception on that has been?

  • it’s been okay I kinda went about that project the wrong way and it kinda sucks but I’m still going.

What do you mean you went about it the wrong way?

  • Like we were gonna drop on all streaming and set a date when I didn’t have everything, and me and sprites song got lost💔 But it’s still gonna drop on streaming shit and get updated soon just been super frustrating but soon.

I remember first posting your shit, and now you’ve sort of created this fan base. Was there any moment or song that you can point to that really helped you move forward?

  • yeah I’m gonna go with what’s Luv w landon s/o those guys rly helped me out

Is Landon Cube from the same area? Did you just send that track over asking what it would take to get a feature?

  • He’s from Maryland like a 40 mins drive and yeah I asked cam after he shot tired, if he thought it’d be cool to ask him and I kinda just sent over something and he was down. Which I’m super thankful s/o those guys fr.

How is your friends and family with the music? Do they get it yet or is your fan base more just from the internet?

  • I have a few friends like s/o Kieran and others, they always believed in me. But for the most part it’s just internet. My friends just don’t get it lol only really close friend who gets it is riley. S/o him man fr we got new music.

Tell me about riley. Was he producing before you started and that’s how you met? Are you guys in the studio together?

  • He wasn’t producing when we met, but when we met we were making YouTube videos of covers. Like both of us playing guitar and singing. He was always better than me when it came to music and u can tell with the way he makes beats and how fire they are. We’re always in the studio when we’re together but he’s at school in Ohio so it’s been a while since we’ve been. Rly all of the come up has been us just forwarding each other shit but he’s coming soon cuz he’s graduating this month and we’re gonna make shit

Tell me about your dog. People that follow you will get this question.

  • hahaha my dog ghost, yeah everyone seems to luv him and he’s made a couple appearances in videos and all over my social medias. He’s awesome he’s prob gonna be in a new music video coming up w pandora so look out for that.

Big shoutout to Louis. He’s a big reason why I’m still doing this shit & the support he’s given me is something I’ll never be able to return. We’re definitely going to link up soon & we’ll get some Nobodys x Louis Luv clips in the vault. I’ve got some stickers I’m working on for him as well so look out for that. Also, shoutout $hadow. He’s produced a lot of bangers from Louis. Thanks again.


Nobodys creator. @ThanksAlec

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