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“INTERVIEW: Kye Colors”

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First heard Kye off this one. If you’re from Kansas City and someones making dope music you hear about it. He has a presence on every track you can’t knock. A street dude and a white girl from the suburbs are going to have the same reaction to this and that’s something that Kansas City has never had.

Basics. How old, where you from, how’d you get into music?

  • My name is Kye. I just recently turned 18. I been into music since a young age. I wrote my first rap when I was 6. I started producing & making beats since I was 14.

I just realized that you produced. How do you decide if you’re going to produce your own shit or use someone else’s beat?

  • I don’t necessarily choose. I primarily use my own production but if a producer has a dope idea or certain vision I’m down for sure. I still like to be involved in the production even if the other producer made most of the beat.

CaviArt. What is it? When did you become apart of it?

  • CaviArt is the coldest music collective coming out of the mid west. I became a member spring of 2017. I started as an artist with them but now that I’m mainly focused on working on my debut album, I’ll become more of a in-house producer for the group. I’ll be more on the behind the scene of things.

Have you been following the Cavi guys for a long time? And does that mean you’re going to take a step back from being an artist?

  • For nearly 2 years. I started off as a fan. I actually asked to be apart of it so I could help contribute. I won’t be taking   a step back but my main focus would be me releasing work I have with members of the music group. Helping build their discography and mine at the same time.

Thoughts on the Kansas City scene?

  • I feel like there was two different sides of the scene. I felt like I was on both. One side is strictly creatives but the other side is the popular kids. Like high school. I would be in theater but I’ll occasionally sit at the cool kids table based on the strength of respect I get from people here.

You think it’s hard to make it out of here? To rely on Kansas City to put you on the map.

  • Not really. Only reason I haven’t is because of legal issues, so I wouldn’t have to deal with court or anything due to being a minor. I believe you should believe in yourself and don’t try to get an approval from spectators. They’re not in the game nor were they in practice. You know your limitations not a small group or city.

I saw you perform at a school. What was that about? How’d you line that up?

  • I actually attend the school. Hogan Preparatory Academy. I wanted to introduce a piece from my upcoming project “swim”. The freshman class was interested in helping as well so I thank them for that!

That’s super dope you own your shit like that. Not being scared to show everyone you, especially your peers in school. Since your at that age of having to make some big upcoming decisions, what is your plan for after school?

  • Imma be a star, icon, legend. My city will shine. A lot of prosperity going on.

Any last words?

  • Mixtape of the year on the way. No title. Kids stay on the sidewalk, these streets heavy. Big Cavi Worldwide worldwide. Free Kersh Free Duke on mommas cuh.

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