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“INTERVIEW: IceWaterChase”

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Finally, we are back with another interview. It’s been a minute since I’ve done one and figured this IceWaterChase would be a good one. I’m not quite sure when I first heard or saw IceWaterChase’s videos but I’ve been a fan for some time now. His videos stand out with all the effects he puts on them. He really took the Cole Bennett style of editing and multiplied it by 10.

Having a video background myself, it always amazed me by how much he put into videos. That’s a lot of time for one video that he may not even be getting paid for. I don’t want to spoil the interview so I’ll shut up.

Did you get into music because of you being interested in video or how did that come about?

  • I’ve always been into music, I made music for a while too. I got into videos when I made this song called “Captain” and people told me I needed a video for it. So I hit up local videographers about doing a video but none of them replied fast enough and I was really trying to get a video for it. So I thought “I’ll do it myself.” I used my iPhone for it too.

How long ago was that when you made the track? At what point did you get into video and how far after that did you start really taking it serious?

  • I made the song end of April 2017.  It was like 2 weeks after the song came out I was really trying to get a video out. I took it serious right away cause I didn’t wanna put out anything bad. I liked it at the time but now I cringe when I watch it.

You and Meson (producer) are twins?

  • Yeah. It funny that people don’t know, I guess it’s because we don’t post that many pictures of us together.

I remember seeing that tweet and geeking out. How is it to have Meson as your brother? Did you guys start doing music shit together?

  • It’s ight. It’s just normal to me. We originally both start making beats on this random beat making software we bought from Circuit City when we were in middle school. Then I stopped in high school then started rapping when I was 16 uploading song onto MySpace and YouTube.

How’d you meet Nicky The Jet and Feev?

  • I met Nicky through my roommate Kyle aka Lil Ultraa. He came over to work on a song with Meson. I met Feev when he came over with Nicky to work on music with Meson, I think he was showing them beats.

What’s it like working/hanging out with them? From an internet perspective its so cool that you guys all link up. Especially, since you guys aren’t from an LA, ATL, or etc.

  • It’s awesome. They’re over at my house probably 3-5 times a week.

You can tell me if I’m wrong, but from my perspective, in the beginning, you were just grinding out videos/photos and it didn’t matter about money. Are you still like that or have things changed a little bit?

  • Yeah I just wanted to get as much content out as possible. I was messaging people offering free videos but nobody took it serious. Probably because I was just using my phone so I made videos to Meson’s beats. I’d just film tree and the sky then would try to make it trippy.

Coming from a video background, I know how long a lot of the editing you do takes. Watching the “In My Way” video (link above) with Nicky The Jet, how long would you say that full video took to make?

  • Probably 40-50 hours overall. There was a couple 12 hour days sitting on my laptop. I don’t see the sun too much anymore.

What’s next for you? You going to start traveling for videos?

  • Make as many videos as possible and try to make videos for some major artists. I travel here and there but nowhere far. I go to DC a lot to work with Louis luv. I’m trying to get booked in Florida or Texas. Or Cali or Memphis.

Any last words?

  • I’d like to give a shout out to Jameson, Nicky, Feev, Artifax, Louis Luv, Ultraa, Zach, my family, other friends I didn’t mention and cat (Paul) for supporting me. You guys are the best.

Big thanks to IceWaterChase for the interview. He’s always supported Nobodys and I couldn’t ask for anything more from the guy. His work ethic is something I aspire to have.  

Nobodys creator. @ThanksAlec


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