“INTERVIEW: IceWaterChase”

Finally, we are back with another interview. It’s been a minute since I’ve done one and figured this IceWaterChase would be a good one. I’m

“INTERVIEW: Louis Luv”

We are back. Louis Luv interview. It’s been nice to see Louis’ growth over the course of starting Nobodys. He’s been building a solid fanbase

“INTERVIEW: Kye Colors”

First heard Kye off this one. If you’re from Kansas City and someones making dope music you hear about it. He has a presence on

“INTERVIEW: Nicky the Jet”

When I first started Nobodys, one of the first artists I posted was Sprite Lee. I noticed Sprite & the people around him had been


Alright, welcome back to Nobodys interviews. Got this new one with JAYJ. First off, I wanna say JAYJ has been pleasant to follow and has


Spicy has only been on Nobodys radar for a short while. I actually came across Spicy from producer Stones Neighbor (has a few tracks together).

“INTERVIEW: Hottub Johny”

it’s crazy that music has reached this point of everything being acceptable. i remember growing up listening to chiodos and being scared as shit to

“INTERVIEW: Ashton Traitor”

awhile back I interviewed teamsesh producer vegard for my current job now. after researching more on the producer i stumbled across ashton. “on my own”

“INTERVIEW: Baker Bright”

I first heard baker when he gave nobodys a follow randomly. he had two tracks at the time. i played “puppy love” (prod. jordancollett) and